Glencairn Vlei and Beach Simonstown

World Wetland Day 2014


Time to celebrate World Wetland Day again!

GEESE with the Navy, Rotary & Gordons are joining

the whole World

in celebrating Wetlands and as always, we need help from you if possible….

LITTER – if only we could change people’s attitudes, stop them dropping their bottles, wrappers and whatever……….   The world would be so much cleaner and healthier.   But the litter is there and we need to have a clean-up – mostly due to thoughtlessness and carelessness.

So we meet on Friday 31st January at 09h00 outside the Viper Lounge by the Estuary.

ü We will provide you with bags and tell you where to go.

ü Please will you bring your hats, suntan cream, water bottles and tough shoes.

ü We have a limited number of tongs (on a first come, first serve basis) and some disposable gloves.

And we would love to see you if you can make it …….maximum of two hours!

With drinks, chat, and shared experiences at the Viper lounge while we all recover

FUN – Once again we are being given the privilege of walking down the Els River, starting at the ruined Water Mill in the Glencairn Navy Sports Fields just up from the stables.

We will meet on Saturday 1st February at 09h00 for a 09h30 start

Wear hats, sun tan cream, and bring some water – don’t forget your cameras and binoculars!

Both Koos Burger of Rotary and Lloyd Walters of Gordons have been doing great things to their properties and this is a wonderful opportunity to see it all and really appreciate them and our river – the Els River!   GEESE – thanks to Brad Wallace Bradley and the City - have also improved the quality of the wetland by netting the three storm water outlets that empty into the wetland across from the garage.

DRINKS – at the end of the hike we can all refresh ourselves at the Stoep and Swing who have consistently given us donations throughout the year!

ADVANCE WARNING:    Our Annual General Meeting will be held on SUNDAY 23rd MARCH @ 17H30

in St Andrew’s Church …..unless that clashes with major functions currently unknown to us!

So sorry about the short notice but hoping to see AS MANY AS POSSIBLE sometime over the World Wetland Weekend and to catch up with your ideas, needs and desires!


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Welcome to G.E.E.S.E.

Thank you for visiting the GEESE website.

GEESE is the acronym for Glencairn Education & Environmental Support Enthusiasts, we are a group of people who are passionate about our vlei (valley) through which runs the River Els (Else) on its way into False Bay off the Cape Peninsula.
At times it seeps through a wetland (which was caused by man), only to form a river as it flows out into the sea, with water in it all the year round. The wetland was caused by the rail and road bridges over the Els River being built in the early 1900s on the Simon’s Town side of Glencairn Beach/Els Bay. This prevented the sea from flowing naturally and tidally up the river.

The wetland was declared a Nature Conservation Area by John Wiley, then MP for Simon’s Town, as is recorded on a rock where the Glen Road crosses the Els. There are a number of paths round the wetland, some being used by workers going to and from work, and all of them by walkers, many with their dogs.

We have two pans with different characteristics: the top one is the home of Moorhens who have raised two clutches this season, three lots of chicks in each, and the bottom, nearer the sea, is home for the Coots. There should be many more birds but there are two busy roads on either side which are inhibiting factors.